Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Bios!

Hello everyone!

Since school is going to be starting
in less than a month,
we decided we needed new bios!

Here we go!

My name is Eryn and I can spell my own name and have started sounding out words to write letters to family back in Ohio that I miss. I love reading books, but recently have decided that the Berenstain Bears are my favorite.
My favorite animal well, I love all animals, but my favorite is the bear! I like a lot of games, but my favorites are:
Outside game, anything that has to do with a ball. Inside game, TAG!!
My favorite movie right now is Home. I watch it every night all night in my room and I love when Oh changes colors! (I will be reviewing this movie later on).
I dont have a favorite color. Whenever mommy asks, I just tell her I like all of the colors of the rainbow and not. Meaning I love all the colors in the rainbow, and even the colors that arent in the rainbow! My favorite T.V. show is on Amazon Instant Video and its Timmy Time!
I like doing make up and nails too! And spending time playing Dance Central on the Xbox360. Mommy has even started letting me read some of her books. (Well, she reads them to me) I am reading with her some books by this lady with a cool name. Her name is Dannika Dark. She writes books about a lady named Silver who is a really cool lady. Like a super hero! I did my own make up for my video, so tell me what you think! (Mommy was against the make-up, but I wanted to play dress up)

HI! Im Micah!
I am three years old and I love dancing and playing dress up with my sister! I like to learn new things and I can count to 5! My favorite animal is a moose, my favorite colors are grey, pink, and blue. My favorite movie right now is Wreck it Ralph and Paddington, but my sister and I watch Home all the time. I like the songs from Paddington and Home and Love dancing and singing! I am going to read books with my mommy and let everyone know what I think about them! I asked mommy to style my hair mohawk before taking the video, so remember to let me know what you think! 

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