Monday, September 25, 2017

REVIEW: The Tyler Files #1: Smarty Pants by Brian Rock

Wimpy Kid meets Gravity Falls! 

Tyler is an average 5th grader, except for one thing. His pants won't stop talking! 

How will Tyler make it through the day without becoming the school laughingstock? And how will he survive his pants' "off the cuff" remarks to the school bully (and to his secret crush?) 

Packed with humor and excitement, Smarty Pants is the first in THE TYLER FILES series. 

Bonus features include: 
"Talking With Tyler:" Extend the story with a Q&A with the main character 

"What If:" Allow your imagination to explore beyond where the story ends 
"Jokes:" Find out what's so funny about pants 

"Idioms:" Learn how to talk pants even if your pants can't talk 

This book was so much fun to read. I enjoyed the illustrations and it was fun to picture in my head about talking smarty pants. I even found myself laughing out loud. This is a remarkable book that I think children will enjoy for years to come. I highly recommend this read.

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