Sunday, October 1, 2017

REVIEW: According to Ameer, Jack Did It! by Jessica Cage

Its always a good time when Jack comes to play. Ameer enjoys playing with his best friend in the whole world. Sometimes Jack can be a little too playful, and gets Ameer in a lot of trouble with his mom. Ameer tries to tell the truth, but his mom never believes him! What will Ameer do the next time Jack makes trouble?


This is the cutest story that I have ever read in a while. I loved everything about this book. The story kept me smiling from ear to ear.

How many of us grew up with an imaginary friend who did everything to get you into trouble? Mine always did!!

Ameer is an amazing character and I loved reading about him and his imaginary friend, Jack's adventures. This story brought me back to my childhood with my imaginary friends. 

The illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful. The details were amazing and just fit the story perfectly. The illustrations are so full of bright, eye popping colors and it made looking at them so much fun. This is one story that many parents will enjoy reading to their children and many children wanting to have it read to them everyday many times over. I highly recommend this read.

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