Friday, October 19, 2018

REVIEW BY ERYN: The Frankenstein Journals: Guts or Bust: 2

The Frankenstein Journals: 
Guts or Bust: 2 
by Scott Sonneborn  

Another day, another family member to find! J.D. is the fourteen-year-old son of Frankenstein's monster and is on a quest to find his family . . . the donors of his dad's mismatched parts. But with every cousin he meets, the danger mounts. New monsters lurk at every turn, and Fran will stop at nothing to get her hands on J.D.'s cousins and enlists the help of the Werewolf and the Invisible Man! Readers will be pulled into the delightfully creepy story with tons of diary entries, mixed media images, artifacts, maps and more as J.D. solves the secrets of his own rag-tag family!

JD is an orphan and the son of Dr. Frankenstein's monster. He travels around the world to find his cousins because he believes his mismatched body parts' relatives are like cousins to him because they are the owners of the body parts used. This book is really more like two books because there's a middle part that separates the book into two separate stories.

PART ONE: No Guts, No Gloria

There was a girl cousin named Gloria and they were related by JD's large intestines. Gloria is supposed to protect a vampire and only her family can do this job. The invisible man wants to rain vengeance on the vampire because the vampire was dating the invisible girl behind the invisible man's back. JD and Gloria help keep the vampire safe until night fall when the vampire can defeat the invisible man. 

PART TWO: A Pain in the Butt

JD leaves Miami (and Gloria) and heads to New York City to find his other cousin related to him by his cousin's name is Bertram Woodhouse IV and he belongs to the Princeton Club and follows the same schedule every day. Fran Kenstein is trying to get the invisible man to do her dirty work. Now he wants vengeance on JD instead. Bertram is very lazy and funny and prefers to be called Bertie. 

My favorite part was when Gloria was attacking JD. 

I give this book 5 stars. 

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