Sunday, December 6, 2015

REVIEW BY ERYN: Mixed-up Magic by Joanna Cole

Mixed-up Magic
by Joanna Cole (Author)
True Kelley (Illustrator)

Pre-School through Grade 2 Tatterdemalion Maggie, who lives by herself, discovers an elf in her garden. The elf brags that he is a great wish-giver and can give her a new coat. But ``Oat, toat, Here's a coat!'' only produces a goat, a boat, and finally a moat. Her wish for a hat brings instead a cat, a bat, a mat, and a rat. And her sock wish produces a box, two docks, and some rocks. When the elf and Maggie set about cleaning up all this mess, she discovers that although she didn't get her wishes, she got what she really wanted a friend. The controlled vocabulary sound of the story matches the black ink and pastel water color illustrations so often found in bas al texts. However, beginning readers will be satisfied that Maggie eventually does get what she needs by asking the elf for a float, a pat, and an ox, all of which he turns into the desired clothing. You just have to know how to tinker with these elves to make them work right. Susan Hepler, Windsor Public Library, Conn.
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