Thursday, December 15, 2016

FREEBIE: Waffles and Pancakes by Cindy Springsteen

Waffles And Pancakes 

A Lesson in the True Meaning of Christmas
Cindy Springsteen


Now, Waffles and Pancakes, along with their owners, are about to learn another lesson, A Lesson in The True Meaning of Christmas

Waffles and Pancakes are two hamsters from the same pet store that went to their new homes on the same day. They also happen to be the best of friends. In their first adventure, their owners became best friends, too. Together, the four learned the lesson of true friendship. In their second adventure, they learned how to handle bullies

When hurricane Sandy threatens to ruin Christmas, Danny, Griffin, Waffles and Pancakes gather their friends and try to find a way to help. Together, can they find a way to save Christmas? When Santa sees their act of kindness, what does he do to surprise them all? Find out when you read this heartwarming story of friendship and love.

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