Wednesday, February 22, 2017

REVIEW BY JENNY: The Trickster by L.G. Miles with Amy Miles

The Trickster
L.G. Miles with Amy Miles
Age Level: 7-11

A curse passed down through the ages. 
A soul trapped in limbo. 
A mystery to be solved. 
When three young friends decide to sneak out and spend the night in an abandoned house rumored to be the haunting place of the Trickster ghost, they will soon get more excitement than they bargained for...

This is a magnificent spooky story written by a 10 year old boy. While reading this story, it would have never crossed my mind that a 10 year old wrote it. I was completely reeled into the story from the very first page. The characters were phenomenal and the story-line sent chills running up and down my spine as the pages sucked me into this spectacular story. I felt as if I was living the story with the characters, it was so real. I really loved this story and I hope to see more from this amazing author. I highly recommend this read!

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