Monday, April 3, 2017

REVIEW: 12 Days at the Beach with Theodore by Trent Harding & Ashlee Harding

12 Days at the Beach with Theodore

This cute, well-designed counting book for children and kids of all ages featuring hand drawn artwork of cute, Theodore the bear, shows young readers how to count from one to twelve. 

- "Knowing it's the end of my holiday is really, really sad, but how great is it watching the sunset with Mum and Dad". 

Your child will love this interactive, easy reading counting book for children. Perfect for bedtime reading as you use this book as a learning tool to help teach your children how to count, while enjoying the adventures of Theodore. 

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This is a cute story with beautiful and vibrant pictures in it. They are really eye popping and fun to look at. I loved the rhymes within the story and the way the kids can interact within the story and how each page corresponded with the numbers and pictures. The kids can count along with the days and not only make it fun read but they are also learning from the story. Parents and teachers alike will enjoy reading this story to their children. I highly recommend this read.   

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